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Saturday, April 01, 2017


Saturday, April 1st ; San Simon.
Sunday, April 2nd ; San Simon.
From the 3rd of April I will start singing 6 nights in Las Americas at Rte Vilaflor. Fridays off.
The last night on, before my summer vacation, will be on Thursday, May 18.
When I get back from the vacation in the end of July I will continue singing 6 nights a week at Rte Vilaflor. More information in July when I know what date I am ready to start.
We will have a line dance month, like always, in September at Vilaflor, But no teaching of new dances, only social line dance nights with both old and new dances.
It will be just lovely to be there in September! Dancing in the front of the ocean, when the nights are warm and cosy here. Oh can´t wait for September to come!
I will tell you the next winter season schedule (October-March) first in the autumn when we still don´t know how many nights a week I will be in Los Cristianos at San Simon. We will at least be there Thursday nights when San Simon is the only restaurant here that can provide a dance floor that is big enough for all of us on these very crowded nights. I will tell you later...
Welcome, xo.