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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Volcano

One of the latest photo of the volcano.

The most of you have probably at the moment heard about the volcano outside El Hierro.
It started about a month ago and is situated down in the water outside La Restinga where
Clas and I used to go for vacation.
The volcano is more quiet at the moment but it can very soon take of again.
They don't know yet if there will be a new island born but a lot of magma and lava have been spitted out and it has created a "mountain" down in the water that is over 100 meters high.
It's about 300 meters down to the seabed where it's situated.

Click HERE if you like to watch an all around photo that
has been taken in the area.
You can zoom in and out with the plus(+) and minus(-) keys and
look around by clicking on the different arrows.

The volcano a couple of days ago.


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