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Monday, March 26, 2012

Las Galletas

Brito brought a fishing gear for morenas.
Use gloves if you catch one because they bite!

Oh I've been very lazy when it comes to blogging.
Her some more photos that have been waiting in the camera...
My son Daniel was here during the carneval week and one day we
went down to Las Galletas to have a barbeque and do some morena fishing.
We had a lovely relaxing day but...Bad Luck!
We didn't catch any morenas. Hopefully better luck next time.
He'll be back here again in April and then we probably will do some more fishing.

Brito fishing.
The morenas are staying down inunder the rockets.

Daniel swimming.

The barbeque.
We had pork and chicken and inside the folie baskets I have made a
mix of potatos and batata pieces, feta cheese, different vegetables + spices.

Brito caught a jelly fish.

The waves had brought this jellyfish up on the rockets.
Looks dangerous by the color.
I'm happy it didn't touch Daniel while he was swimming.

This is a morena.


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