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Monday, November 26, 2012

Lewinskis 18.11.2012

Yes, I know this video clip is very dark.Sorry!
Please, try to click on the full screen connection that´s
down in the corner to the right of the video.

Now I´ve got cable internet in my apartment. It works very well.
Next step will be to learn how to use my new cameras.
 Saturday I bought a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy SIII mini, and it has got a camera too so I must make some tests to see which one works better. It seams anyhow like it´s no difference how big the photo files are now. With this cable connection everything can be quickly uploaded.
Oh, i´m so happy my internet problem now have got a solution.
I can tell you one thing after all the experiences I´ve went through;
The modem sticks don´t work well here on Tenerife!
At least not where I live!
 Buy a cable connection if you live here permanently!
Oh, what a relief this is!!! Wohooo!


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Sue Norm said...

Good to have you back . :+))