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Friday, December 14, 2012

Lewinskis 13.12.2012

While I take the videos, I now put on a strong light that Nino (the chef) has
put up on the roof above the stage.
The darkness is no problem anymore but the blog is!
As soon as I upload a video on my blog it looses in quality.
Before the upload it looks like television quality in my computer.
That will be the next thing to solve out.

He,he! You will get so tired of my technical problems! I tell you!!!
I decided to show you that I work on it just to make you all more patient.
I´ve got so many complaints about the missing video clips.

Sunday I will make HD Video clips and try to get them uploaded i.e.
I remember to bring the real camera...
In this post all the clips are taken with my Iphone.

This was the first video clip I made last night.
After a while I gave up. The dancers never seemed to face my wall...!
Who like to watch a video clip with a lot of backs?

In this next clip you get to see a little bit of their faces...

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Sue Norm said...

Those video's were much better. Thank you. I enjoyed them . xxx