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Saturday, April 13, 2013


The rock.

Gibraltar is just as lovely as I have thought.
I recommend you to visit at least one time in your life.

We went in by the car we had rented and it took us about half an hour to
 get in and about 5 minutes to get out.
A choice we did in the last minute and that we are happy for.
When you go by your own car you get to see much more and you can stop 
everywhere you like and you avoid the queue and the waiting at 
every station that the bus- tourists have to face. 
You just stop the car and look at everything you like to see and then move on...

If you don´t like monkeys you will probably fall in love with them!
Brito is not a fan of monkeys but now I think he´s fallen a little bit in love!
They are so fun and cuuuuute!!!!
Oh, I wish I could have one in my home!
But my real favourites are the small Pippi Longstocking ones, but
they are not in Gibraltar.

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