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Thursday, July 04, 2013


The second day on the island was cold and windy so we put some 
logs on fire before we went to bed.

Before we went to bed we had a last meal: A couple of 
sausages filled with pieces of cheese. They are very delicious!
Can you see them on the photo? We just put them on a fork stick and 
heat them up and we have them with sweet hot mustard from Aland.
The shops in Finland sell many different sausages and 
we have, during the last three weeks, tried 
sausages with;  Cheese,
 with Feta cheese and ground pepper
 with Chili and peperoni
Hot sausage
My dads favourite sausage
Grill sausage and
Barbecue sausage.

Unbelievable, but we like them all!
We normally have sausages only a couple of times a year even when
there are nice ones on Tenerife too. Now we have got like a hobby to test 
different sausages almost every night before we go to bed.
We also try different cheeses (there are many good ones in Finland) and different berries.
Brito likes the Farmer cheese with cloud berry jam.

Oh, I must tell you, my weight watcher has thrown the towel in! 
I´ll soon back to where I was before I went into the diet!

I think I have had about 1,5 kg chocolate since I came to Finland, or
 maybe it´s more?! The Finnish chocolate is one of the best in the word, 
in my point of view, and my favourite is called TUPLA.
Please, remember to buy Tupla (original) when you visit Finland.
There´s  also a Swedish chocolate that is very good. It´s called
Marabou Mint Krokant. Oh!!! Lovely!!!! I will  for sure bring it with me to Tenerife.
Why don´t Ikea sell it???

An other thing that is good in Finland is the bread. 
There are really many different  breads and Brito just love them all so 
I try to buy many different ones just so that he can try them out while he´s here.


Sue Norm said...

Oh so nice to see you blogging again. How nice that Brito has gone with you to the island.
Enjoy yourselves Enjoy life . Love to you both.xx

Anette V said...

Tupla is the best! My mother is born in Oravais and I had a lot of choclates in Finland too :)

Anette V said...

My mother is born in Oravais and I love the choclates too. Especially Tupla!