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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Agenda 2013

Me with some of the dancers who were here last year.
The photo was taken September 13, 2012.

This is how I will perform at Lewinskys from the 1st of September:

Every night, 
except Wednesday and Saturday.
8.30 -11.30.

I will also sing Thursday August 28.

Wednesdays are Tango nights with classes in tango and
Saturdays are Canary music nights.

We will try this schedule but it can change later on.
If it changes I will tell you here on the blog and from the stage.


1 comment:

Sue Norm said...

Hello Susanne,nice to see you are going back to Lewinski's. Looking forward to seeing a few videos again this year. Your good old faithfuls will be arriving in September. I bet you are looking forward to that.
I hope you are and Brito are keeping well.
I know Mick and Frances are looking forward to visiting Tenerife in Sept as are Lesley and Pete. Oh how i miss you all. I miss our lovely times and the lovely times at Lewinskis listening to you singing. I am not sure if we will come back i think we both are a bit scared after Norms stroke allbeit he is fine now. He does get very tired so not sure if the traveling would be a good idea.
We would have to look very closely at the insurance which could be very expensive.
Our weather has been warm and sunny about 22 degrees. Hope it lasts a bit longer. I have been in the garden cutting the hedge always lots to do outside.
Your story made me laugh quite a tonic. Keep them coming.
Our thoughts have been with you over a time which must have been hard to come to terms with. Keep your happy memories close and never forget them.
Lots of love to you and Brito.
Sue and Norm. Xxxxx