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Monday, November 11, 2013

Please, Keep Up The Dance Etiquette !

Sunday, November 10, 2013.

Oh what a party night we had yesterday! The time just went too quickly
And my camera got crazy (or is it my fault?) because it did not save the video clip of when the dancers were doing a dance train.
We must do it again an other night. I´m sorry.
Now I only have got this video clip of "Mississippi" that was
taken in the beginning of the night.
Anyhow the night went smooth and no wars about the
dance floor like the night before.

To make it clear one more time I like to tell you all that it´s line dance on
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and when it´s line dance it means only line dance. That´s because we always have many line dancers in when my audience is about 95% English and many of them do line dancing.

On Monday, Friday  and Saturday we have all kind of dances,
which also means line dance, but if we have so many couple dancers in that they fill the floor, the dance floor is for them in the first place.
If there is space enough everybody can dance but then we must split the floor in two different areas to avoid collisions and accidents; one area for the line dancers and an other area for the couples.
But my experiences tell me this will never work when there always are people who forget about it and after a while they will again jive in full speed into the line dancers. I have seen it so many times!

If you find a space outside the dance floor just be free to dance as much as you like and in whatever style you like. Many do so when they see the dance floor is very crowded and on Lewinski terrace this is just a normal act. You can dance everywhere! He,he! Last year a woman was dancing on the table. Good luck the table did not break! The audience were screaming; The men because she showed her legs, The women because we thought the table will break.

We will keep this system during the winter season when we many times are too crowded, and there is not space enough for everybody to dance at the same time.

Last Thursday we had about 60 line dancers in and only about 40 have room on the floor at the same time. And because it was a line dance night I could not allow other dancers to take the dance floor.
We had about 120 people on the terrace and about 150 visited the restaurant during the night which means about 50% of the audience were line dancers.

I´m so sad I can´t find a bigger dance floor here on the south of Tenerife. If somebody open up a big restaurant  with a real big dance floor in Las Americas I will for sure be interested in singing there  but at the moment  Lewinskis is the best one and I love to sing here, if we just can cope with the situation and avoid wars on the dance floor and be nice to each other. 

Please remember to keep up the normal dance etiquettes when 
you enter the floor.
If you don´t know what dance etiquette is , please, search on 
the internet and learn about it.

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