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Saturday, February 01, 2014

My New Window

Look what a beautiful window we found up in a shop in the mountains last week. And it has a mirror inside. Real antique looking! 
Maybe some of you think I would paint it white, which is on fashion now, but I have decided to keep it as it is when there could be a chance that I would change my mind in the future. 

Oh how I like it! It´s for sure the most beautiful window I have ever seen! 

Thanx to Brito who knew about this shop and brought me there to have a look at their stuff! I also bought a small wooden table for the balcony there. It was made of the same wood as my garden furnitures that I have on the balcony.

I just hope it will stay on the wall and not fall down.
It´s very heavy. 

The table.


1 comment:

SueNorm said...

They are lovely as they are . Leave the painting. lol. xxx