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Monday, June 30, 2014

Fishing tour continue.... June 29, 2014

About 7 am we went out on the sea to collect the nets and the fishes.
It was nice weather and the wind was about 4 meters per second. 
What a lovely feeling being out on the sea so early in the morning!
We decided to take the fishes out from the nets first later, back on the island, when some of them were quite big and difficult to remove. 
Oh what a good fishing luck we had!!!! So lovely!!!

These are the different fishes that we got.
Id, mort, braxen, abborre and Gadda.

All together we got 25 fishes,but Brito cut and throw 12 of them to the 
seagulls later on when they seamed to be so hungry.
Lucky birds! 
In the afternoon we made a lovely meal of 4 abborre fishes+ new potatoes + a sauce called "pickavaton" and the rest of the fishes Mam put into the freezer.

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sueenorm said...

Lovely reading your blogs. Xxxx