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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Puerto De La Cruz Sept. 20, 2014

Again we spent our day and night off in Puerto de la cruz.
Last time was 2 weeks ago even when I have not been blogging about it.

this time we decided to take "a new road" to Puerto de la cruz.
We drove up the west coast of the island and then picked  a road that goes down from Tierra del Trigo to Los Silos.

Guarachico from above.

Before you start driving down you  also can watch Los Silos from above...

...and the most of the northern coast in the direction of Puerto de la cruz..

I took this photo to show you the road that is ahead. Looks almost like a snake!!!
This is where we are gonna drive! Imagine I have lived 10 years on Tenerife and never been here before! Tenerife is filled with "pearls" and it takes time to visit all the places.
Guess if I kept my breath!

I does not show how it is in real on a photo, but it many times looked like the road was disappearing.

Brito sitting out on the balcony after the arrival at the hotel.
 We made it!I mean the route down the mountain where it in many places was not much of protection fences from not driving the shortest way down  the valley.

 Me tasting the wine at Plaza del Charco..

 My first plate, typical Canary; Potaje de Berros. First time in life and I really like it! 
Must have it again!!!

Me and Brito enjoying the meal and the day off.


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