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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year !

Hi, and welcome to my blog.

I've been wondering a lot before I finally decided to start this blog.
-Am I the right person of having a blog?-What can I blog about? Have I got the time that a blog demands?
Finally I decided; I'll go for it! I have nothing to loose. I can blog whenever I like and if I don't have time for it I can just let it wait.
An other difficult decision was, am I going to blog in english or in swedish? And as you see I choosed english. That's because the most of the people that we meet right now, and are togeather with, are english. And my thought is that english is a language that is understood by many while swedish is not.
A problem is however that my english is not perfect but I hope that everybody somehow understand what I mean.

I've got two hobbies apart from the country music singing that I do in the nights here on Tenerife.
One is home furnishing and I was really inspired by the blog of my sister in law, Carina, up in Finland. She also likes house decorating and when I watched her pictures I thought it would be fun to put up some pictures of the stuff I've got in our home here in Los Cristianos as well. It's really a waste of time of decorating the house like I do when almost nobody except Clas see it. Working six nights a week we don't get much time to spend with friends in our home.

My second hobbie is clothes. I spend a lot of time every week buying new clothes and boots for our country and western show and my goal is that a tourist shouldn't see me in the same outfit twice while he or she is here on the island.
I regret that I didn't start collecting pictures of all the different outfits from the start. That would have been a lot of outfits right now and I could have made a slide show of them here on my blog. But some of our guests at the restaurant have been kind and sent us photos, that they have been taking, and if you visit our tenerife website you'll find some of my outfits there.

Oh, now i remember! I've got one more hobbie and that is watching Grand Prix! I try to watch every race if possible and I'm so proud of Kimmi Räikkönen, our Finish guy, that won The World Championship this year. Oh yes, I feel little sorry too. Because Lewis Hamilton didn't make it....important to say if our dear friend Poul, from England, visit the blog...Maybe better luck for Lewis next year?!

He,He!*giggle* I thought I really haven't got any hobbies but now I remember one more which is linedancing! I love linedancing! Started last year in December and have learned about 25 different dances so far. It's just amazing some nights at the restaurant! There can be people from many different nations and we all do the same steps and can dance together. I love it!

Love to all of you! I wish you a really gooood and prosperous year 2008!

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