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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our day off

It's Sunday again and we start a new week. Yesterday was our day off.
Yesterday I learned how to take pictures with our digital camera. Even how to take macro pictures and then how to get them into the computer and then how to upload them on this blog + I learned how this blog operates and made my first post and a lot more. Clas was the teacher.
First when we woke up in the morning (that's about 12 o'clock!) we went out for a breakfast in town. While we sat at the restaurant our friends Åke and Bettan, from Stockholm joined us, which was nice.
After the meal we went down town looking for new cowboy boots to Clas, but didn't find any that were big enough. He requires number 46 or 47! In England that is number 12 I think! I was so happy last week because I found many nice boots for him in the town. And I was so happy today when we went to the shops and he could try them on. But a luck is not forever! They were all too small! But I haven't given up!
This week will be special in that way that we are not playing New years eve.
We are invited to dinner with Mick and Frances from England at 7 pm and after the meal we will move over to a linedance restaurant in Las Americas.
It's quite expensive for the tourists to have a a new years night out on Tenerife. Many restaurants have made special 4 course meals for the evening and it costs as an example 100 euro per person to eat at Restaurante Mama Rosa! Bananagarden that is well known by many charges 80 euro per person! But of course, with good luck you can find cheaper restaurants as well. But many are closed.
The firework will be powerful. It's not like the small rockets we normally have in Finland.

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Kiika said...

Kul att ni får vara lediga! på nyår! happy new year!