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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adeje Chicken

Brito and me eating out on the terrace with a nice view over the town Adeje.
I'm sorry the photo has got such a bad quality.

Last night was a nice relaxing night. Exactly what I needed!

A Canarian friend of me, Brito, picked me up with his car about 7 in the night.
First we went to a bar in Los Crisitianos to have a small beer with his friend Augustin.
Then later, about 8 o'clock we went up, for a garlic chicken dinner, to a small mountain town called Adeje.
Oh, it was so lovely! I love the Adeje garlic chicken.
I had so much that my stomach started aching.
I just couldn't stop eating more and more when it was so good.

Oh, you maybe wonder now how my 'loosing weight project' is going?
I have lost 7.8 kg totally and I look like 'normal' again.
But the project continues even when it goes slowly at the moment. I would like to loose 5 more kilos.
Last night I anyhow broke all the rules when it's so seldom I get to Adeje and have these chicken wings.
I just decided to enjoy the meal in full amount and had a little bit too much.

After the dinner we went down to Scandibar to listen to Clas and have a drink, but he has now changed his work schedule and finish playing already at 10 in the nights, so we didn't get to listen to him.
We stayed for a while and then we went over to the Dreamers bar to listen to Mark and Darren.
They are very good musicians.
I got home about 00.30 and went to bed and today I feel full of energy when I've got a good night sleep.

It's gonna be line dance tonight and I really look forward to go to the work.

The view from the terrace where we had the meal.

(I still have to upload a photo 10-15 times before it uploads. Grrr!!!)


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