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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Many Late Nights

The photo is from a Canarian Beach Party. ( San Juan)

Nothing special has happened and my life is going on like normal.
I have been out til late almost every night, the last week, and I have been a little bit tired because of that. But I always keep a 'poker face' in the front of my audience when I'm tired so I don't think anybody have noticed.

Now I have been sleeping about 10 hours and feel normal again.
I stayed at Lewinskis after work last night, and danced with some Canarian friends for a while, but got home already about 1.30.
The night before we were out at Bar Cosas Ricas in Valdecenter til 3.30 in the morning and I went to sleep around 4.30.
This is the life when you live and work on Tenerife. It's normal!!!
Many work with the tourism and because of that day easily turn to night and night to day.

It's a good friendship among us workers at Lewinski and some nights when we have finished the work and the guests have left we stay and chat at the restaurant or go somewhere else where it's still open.
I really enjoy my life at the moment and I look forward to go to work tonight.

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