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Monday, May 28, 2012

La Karina 17.05.2012

I'm sorry I lately have forgotten to bring the camera to the work at La Karina.
I remembered it last night so here you get a look of what it's like to be there.

The audience has grown from night to night and yesterday it was a good crowd.
I think about 100 guests or more visited us during the night...But, La Karina has room for over 200 guests so you'll for sure get a chair + table  when you like to pop in.
I like it very much to be back here (it's much more tourists here than in Los Cristianos) and I have at the moment promised to sing til the first of July.
Could be I return to Los Cristianos in the autumn? We'll see!
I sing every night at the moment and it works well.
What else can I say...? The food is good, the staff happy and we've got 5 good looking waiters and, yes, 
we've got a dance floor too...and we are crowded while many restaurants at the moment are empty  ...
so don't miss us out while you are on Tenerife.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck for you in La karina, hope to be there, as soon as we can.
Juan & Lynn from the North of the island,