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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

La Gomera 23.02.2013

Last Saturday we; Brito, Daniel and me, took a trip to the neighbor island La Gomera.
We went on the ferry early in the morning and returned in the evening.

Oh, how curvy the roads are on this island! We were all very dizzy when we finally came down to Valle Gran Rey, but it was worth it when the nature was just amazing. The season is springtime now and many flowers have started blooming, and after the big fires last summer the trees were burned black, which gave it all a dramatic look. I have visited La Gomera a few times before but this time it´s image was the best I´ve ever seen.So beautiful!

1 comment:

Suenorm said...

What wonderful photo's. Its really great to see you blogging more .
Love to you and Brito. xxxx