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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Fiesta Greeting

My son Daniel is young and likes parties and we got the idea that we could animate a party video and send it to him to cheer him up a little bit. He is at the moment working on a boat and he 
can´t have any parties while he´s there.
We started up the music out on the balcony and put the camera on record (our neighbors might think that we are crazy in real!)...in the end an accident happened, that was not planned,... He,he the shoe disappeared.
Good luck was that the flowers in the corner were not broken and
the candle didn´t put anything on fire..

Oh I was laughing so much that I thought I would die! I helped him out but with the Spanish temperament that he has he first felt put on shame when he didn´t make it..and he acted like he would´t have needed my help, which made me laugh even more. Without my help he would probably still be there!
You can watch it all in this video clip.

1 comment:

Carola said...

Den va kul, fick ett gott skratt :) Tur att han inte bröt nacken.