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Friday, May 30, 2014

Marbella 2014

 Me in Marbella. Nice weather!

 Brito on the beach walk.

 The playa.

 Brito having a beer.

 Tapas time. Here in restaurant Descondido.

 In the old town of Marbella.

 Casco Antigua.

 Casa de Ayuntamiento, Marbella.

 The old town.

 Marbella, playa.

Restaurante Cherenguito Faro.

 Sardinas a la Marbella.

My favourite tapas. 
It´s a big prawn hidden inside a tasty cheees that is inside a roll of bacon and
 it´s all fried. So lovely!!!!


Rio de Puerto Banus.

The statue in Puerto Banus.

Brito in Puerto Banus.

Sky Bar! Are we in Stockholm or in Marbella?

Expensive apartments here; 355.000 Euros for this old apartment with 
a small balcony to the port front and a bar in under!


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SueNorm said...

Looks beautiful. Loving the Photos and video. Thank you . Wow Susanne your hair is lovely its light now . How long have you been that colour. Have a great vacation. Love to you and Brito. xx