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Friday, May 23, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

We were still busy last night! I should have stopped before Easter and 
I am still on and we are in the end of May! This is a miracle! 
They say the tourism has gone down a lot and some restaurants in Los Cristianos have already closed down?
In my point of view this must be a very good year and I think the prognosis curve of the tourism must be higher than ever before?

Looks like I must continue singing during April and May every year, at least,
if it continues like this.
These months are normally the weakest of the year, so I know I should be on in June and July as well this year, when the tourism normally goes up a little bit again from the middle of June.

It feels sad to miss out all of you who will be here while I am on vacation, but I also know that I must have a vacation. At least to rest my voice. It´s not normal to sing 3 hours x 6 nights a week like I have been doing the whole winter. It´s a heavy load for my vocal cords.
You are normally at least 2 singers in the band if you
work like I do and then you hopefully can save your voice every second song so that you only sing half of the night.
My voice cords are stressed to maximum!

But I will anyhow not be quiet during my vacation. 
I must then learn the new songs for the next season. 
After I have started up again,  I can not sing and learn new songs in the daytime when I must save the voice for the nights. 

During high season I don´t even like to be out on town in the daytime, talking with friends or people I might know.
People ask a lot and it turns out to be me speaking all the time. 
If I do this my voice is not in good health in the night.
 Actually my voice can be affected for days if I start socialising too much some day, and then after that sing in the night. 
Some people don´t understand this and think that I am a shy person when I don´t like to come out and sit and talk. I think their point of view is 50% right, when I am also so tired of people asking me about my private life that I many times only because of this avoid people. 
To be honest there are not many people I can trust! But this is the backside of my work and I like so much to sing that I am still willing to pay the price even when it make you a little bit suspicious and strange.

We, Brito and me, have a  lot of projects to take care of when we get back from Finland, but I hope I will be ready to start singing from the beginning of August or earlier if I can.

But anyhow,my last night is on Sunday! I look forward seeing you all then. 

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