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Thursday, July 03, 2014


Brito barbecuing on the island.

It doesn´t matter if we have been out on the  island or if we have been at home on the mainland, we have made party dinners every day! So many nice dinners that I start feeling a little bit tired of eating.
I think I have gained about 3kg so far, even when we have tried to stay LCHF (Low carb) as much as possible.
But the worse bandit is for sure Tupla Chocolate bars and ice cream? As soon as I return to Tenerife I will get back to my real diet. Sugar, potatoes, rice and bread will then be banned.

If you are in Finland I recommend you to by the chocolate fondue below.
I bought it on Lidl in Vasa. So easy to use and good tasting chocolate.
You just dip different pieces of fruits and biscuit in it and have it together with a glass of cold champagne. We had it with Flexinet-Semiseco champagne that is my favorite drink when it comes to stronger waters.

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sueenorm said...

Looks good yummy. X