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Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Wild Cats

Do you remember the wild cats that showed up at my mothers house last year?
Cariñosa (the grey-white cat) has got three babies this summer. 
We think"Abuela" is dead when nobody  have seen it.

Brito gives them food three times a day or more at the moment, and they all get close to him now even when some of them were very afraid in the beginning.
We counted them to be 9 cats that visit here this summer so it´s quite a lot of food for him to prepare. And an other thing is that a Magpie bird that is living in one of the  trees in the yard has also got a lot of babies and it quickly rob the food so Brito must watch it.
Or they are actually 8 cats at the moment when the "Yellow cat" was hit by a car outside the house last week. We have not seen it since that so we think it probably died even when it run away after the accident. 

Here some photos of the cats, but many are missing.

 Gato feo, was here last summer too.

 Cariñosa, was here last year too.


 Cariñosa with baby.

Black and White baby.

Cariñosa and Gato Amarillo.

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