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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Collectable Dolls

Yes, I know this is typical American style, and I actually picked up this "hobby," from my closest friend Betty Valentine, while I lived in Florida. 
I think she had more than 250 dolls?!
We even visited the big doll show that they have in Daytona Beach every year.

My collectable doll collection has now got 4 more dolls.
I think I have 10 all together, but it can be 12 as well, or  maybe 15?
The other ones are in the storage in Finland and when I have not been living there for 10 years I don´t remember any more how many I have. But anyhow I have now bought 4 more from the second hand shop, and I think they are so beautiful. The biggest one is a little bit special when she can sit on her own when the legs are prepared different.

Yesterday I was cleaning them up when they were a little bit dusty and
did not smell so good.
Now they have a fresh smell but I will give them a little shower of perfume in a flavour that fit their outfits to make them complete.
Now there is only one problem; Where can I put them?
I must get a bigger home! 

 I washed their faces, arms and legs using  wool pads with "quit fat" spray and
vacuum cleaned their bodies. Their faces, arms and legs are made of porcelain and their eyes look like real ones. They even have real eye lashes!

 And then I, of course, had to look over their hairdo.

 The clothes hanging on the laundry line.


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