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Monday, October 06, 2014


Finally, after almost 3 weeks of waiting I now have got my own ´Nail Studio´.
It comes from Germany.
The customer in Las Palmas seams to be a little bit complicated on this kind of stuff, 
but everything has now worked out fine and I have got my box.

I decided to by my own equipment after one of my nails broke one night before I went to work, and there were no time to hurry out to the nail saloon, and I had to sing the whole night with an ugly broken nail. Now Im more relaxed, because if something happens I can just start up the "owen" and fix it quickly on my own. Lovely!

I used the table out on the balcony this time but will soon make a little nail studio inside the apartment. We have plans to make one room to become like a big walk in closet so that we can dress there and that´s where I will place the "gel nail desk".
But it´s a lot of work when we must start it all up by painting the walls + buying new curtains and blinds and wardrobes and shelves + a big mirror...
When it comes to the colour of the room it will be black and white.
I will show you later when it´s done. 
The room is at the moment filled with stuff that we place out in the apartments that people rent, but before Christmas it will be almost empty and then we will rent a storage in the springtime, when we get all the apartment stuff back.
We also have plans to re-furniture some of of our apartment (+ buy some new furnitures) and all this will now keep us extra busy for a while.

 I bought a professional kit so that I also got the electric drill which is 
really a blessing when you are shaping the nails and quit the old gel.

 It´s easy to make your left hand but the other one not. 
Brito says he is interesting in learning it all so that he can make the nails for me 
in the future. Interesting!
 I have been studying how to do it while I waited for the kit to arrive.
There are many educational videos on Youtube.com.
But it would be nice if we could get real people to test on, so that 
we can can become professionals more quickly.
But then next question is; Do we have time to sit and prepare nails for people?
It takes about 1,5-2 hours to make 10 nails.

 This is how my first nails looks, made on my own, 
I like to keep them short when they will grow longer during the 2-3 weeks the gel last.
The design has already got a name; White Strawberry!
You will get to see my different nail arts in the future when I will publish them here on my blogg.

I celebrated my new nail studio and nails by having a glass of champagne!

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