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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I Have Got Gripe!

This is NOT the Canarian guy even when they look a little bit similar!

Of course I've got gripe (the cold)!
It was quite a tough night last night when I had fever and a soar throat and on top of that I quit with the guy that I've been dating.
He is a very nice guy, the most gentleman I probably have met, but maybe we are not meant to be? The future will tell! We are however in agreement.

Oh dear, I hope my blog will not become like a serial of who I date and quit with.
It's really tricky to keep my private life a secret. I don't know what to do about it!
Hopefully I will find a 'long lasting relationship' next time!!!
Sigh! I will anyhow take it easy now and just work and sleep!

I work 6 nights a week and if I start dating somebody, the person sooner or later will show up on the terrace. Some of the guests are also quite quick to figure out if something is going on.

I can't tell a potential boyfriend to not visit the restaurant when I work almost every night. That would mean that he will never be able to see me. Specially if he himself is working in the daytime like the one I have been dating lately.
He gets up about 6 o'clock in the morning and it has been quite tough days for him the times when he has been seeing me in the nights after I finished work. Not much sleep!
He runs his own company and have many people employed.

Maybe I next time find somebody who has the same work hours like me? Then we could see each other during the spare time and nobody would know anything before it becomes something serious.
I am anyhow very tired now and have fever + a runny nose.. Must check the Facebook and then go to bed.

Good Night!

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