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Monday, October 11, 2010

My day off

It's my night off tonight when it's Monday.
I will soon go out for dinner to The Players Lounge with some English friends.

I have spent the afternoon at the police station in Las Americas.
A friend from Ireland disappeared about a month ago and nobody knew what happened to him.
I got a message from him 5th of September where he told me he will not come to Lewinski that night, as planned, because he felt a little bit low and was laying in his bed reading a book and listening to music.
After that date nobody has seen him or heard from him.

About the 10th of September a friend of him came to me, before I started singing one night, asking me if I've seen him. He said his phone was out of connection.
I thought he didn't have the right number and tried to call him with my phone but there was no connection.

After work that night I went to a couple of Irish bars asking people if they have seen him and they all said they have been wondering where he is when he normally come to see them almost every night.
One guy said he has went by boat to Fuerteventura, and I called his friend over there and asked if he has seen him.
He said he had told him that he will come and see him and we thought maybe he is on the way with his boat to Fuerteventura.
We decided to wait and see for a few more days and this guy promised to call me as soon as the man have arrived. But, he never arrived!

After a while more and more people started asking me if I've seen him and I started thinking he might be ill in his house (or dead) because he suffers from diabetes.
I started asking everybody if they know where the house is so that we can go there and check if he's okay, but nobody knew where he lives when he had bought a 'finka' up in the mountains about 4 months ago.

I sent a Canarian friend of mine to the harbour where some Spanish people had been painting the bottom of his boat to see if the boat is still there.
But these harbor workers didn't know anything about this man.

Finally last Friday I went out to the Irish bars after work to see if they have heard anything.
All the people I met were worried because they haven't seen him for over a month and I promised to go to the police Monday and ask them to go and look for him if they can figure out where his house is.
And that's why I have been at the police station today.

I have good news! The Police find him and he is alive living in his house.
The reason why he didn't show up for one month is only the simple fact that he felt he would like to take it easy, not going out as much as before etc.
He has felt a little bit low and decided to be alone in the house for a while.

Since I got back from the police station I have been contacting all his friends, who have been worried, and told them the good news; He's alive!!!

One thing has really surprised me during this time and that is how scared some people are of getting involved with the police.
I was told to not go to the police when it for sure would cause me a lot of problems and they would probably keep me arrested or for questioning and I would probably have to face court proceedings etc if the man is dead and as an example has been murdered.

First I started thinking about it, but when I know I haven't been doing anything wrong I decided to go there anyhow. I thought if they start thinking I have done something bad they will figure out in the end that I am innocent of any crime.
Instead I was thinking about the famly of this man and about himself and I thought if I don't go to the police nobody else will do it , and the relatives of him might think he's okay, and he might be dead in the house.. etc.

The police I met at the station today were all very nice and they were keeping me company, talking to me like a friend, while we had to wait. My Spanish is not the best but we were talking a lot and had quite fun together.
Don't be afraid to contact the police if you get problems! They are there to help us and my opinion is now that the police at the station in Las Americas are very friendly and nice guys.


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