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Monday, October 04, 2010

Lewinski 03.10.2010

Oh what a night it was yesterday again!
The terrace was packed and we had about 110 guests visiting us during the night.
The winter season has started and now we are very busy in the nights.
Not many Scandinavians have arrived yet but they will come in multitudes after the 20th of October. Then we probably will have to somehow rearrange the tables on the terrace to get everybody in. Like it's now we only have room for about 120 guests and the Britons are many times 100 people or more.

It's my night off tonight and I will as soon as I have finished this post go out for dinner.
My boyfriend has caught a flu and got fever last night when he was at Lewinskis.
He is very weak and tired at the moment.
I just hope I will not receive it. I don't have time to become ill right now!

Please, click on the little arrow to watch this video clip that
I made during the first break last night.


1 comment:

Sue& Norm said...

Hi Susanne hope you are feeling better today?.
Love the video's keep them coming. Would it be possible to slow down when filming as sometimes its so fast you can't catch the faces etc.
Bye for now . Sue xx