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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Food

Oh, we have been eating and eating.
To be honest with you I became ill and got fever on Christmas day and then I didn't eat much, but before that I had a lot of everything, every day . .. Just too much!
Sorry if I make you loose your apatite in this post.
I'm just blogging about it to convince myself about how sick this is.

I have plans to get into a diet about the 10th of January. We'll see later if it works or not...
I would like to try out the diet that the English princess went into before she married the prince last summer.
I read somewhere that the diet specialists say it's more or less the answer for
the overweight problems of this earth.

I must loose at least 2 stones to be able to sing and dance in the same time,
i.e. without loosing the breath.
They say some people loose half a stone the first week which sounds very interesting for me.
I would like to see a quick result of my suffering and if I just get into it and start seeing the difference I will for sure make it. That's my thought at the moment...
I've made it before!!!

Oh, I just wish these weekends will get to an end so that I can start.
I'm not a fan of gaining more only because it's the New Year! But I also know the freezer must be emptied of cakes and pastries to make it easier.
This means I must continue eating for a while.

Poor Brito, after the 10th of January there will probably not be much delicacies in the freezer any more, neither in the refrigerator...but he can always sneak into a restaurant and have something yummy if he like...We'll see!

A Christmas plate.

Typical Finnish "sill sallad" with sour cream sauce.

Eggs filled with caviar and big Prawns.

Salted salmon with Swedish mustard sauce from Ikea +
Swedish herrings.


Apple pie that we had with vanilla sauce or ice cream.
I've made two pies so far during Christmas.

A "Kladd kaka" for 8 people.
This is a typical Swedish brownie that we have with whipped cream or ice cream.
It's dark brown and sticky inside.

A nice cake for "fika".
It has got a layer of crispy caramel mass in under the chocolate.
Very delicious!!!!
We have made 2 cakes so far within two weeks, Brito has helped me out.
One cake has got 20 pieces.
Isn't this sick, please tell me!

This world is anyhow not fare. Brito can eat as much as he likes without gaining weight.
His body is always perfect. I grove bigger with every piece I eat! :-(


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