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Friday, June 22, 2012

Finland Next

Among other things I'm gonna visit the island that my mam has out in the archipelago.

I'm on the way to Finland and will leave Tenerife on Sunday the 1st of July.
 I'm gonna be back in the middle or the end of August.

 My mum has bought a new boat this summer. 
I haven't seen any photos of it but guess it looks something like this?
He,he! My sister was joking saying they must get a 'clodhopper insurance' for the boat when  I'm for sure gonna drive it on all the stones that are hided down in the water. We'll see?!

 I look forward seeing the bird nest that I repaired last summer...
 Has it got any guests?

Hopefully we get to fish this summer so that we can start up the 
smoke oven and smoke some fishes...? But it will for sure also be a 
lot of barbequing like we did last summer.
Oh, I really look forward to get back...

I'll keep you updated as soon as I get an internet connection over there.


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Carola said...

Båten ser nu int riktigt ut så där men styrpulpeten o vindrutan stämmer ganska bra :))