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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Special Plants and a Pot

Brito has an experiment going on. He is going to make my Mint plant looking like a big mushroom.
He twins the shafts around a stick and bind them with a band and the idea is that they finally will stay together like that so that the leaves start looking like the hat of the mushroom.

The little lava stone in front of the plant is also little bit special.
Britos Mam has planted a small cactus in it. The cactus plants can survive being planted on lava stones even when there´s no soil...You just make the stone wet every now and then...

Yesterday he painted this big flower pot in an antique looking style and the plan is that we are gonna plant a real wine in it. The symbol on the front is a typical Canarian  Guanche symbol.
I will let you follow the wine project in this blog so that you can see if we get any grapes.
They should be ready in the autumn.
Oh, imagine us sitting on the balcony eating grapes directly from the wine tree! Amazing! I wish it was ready NOW.

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