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Friday, September 20, 2013

Garachico, Sept 14, 2013

We spent last weekend up in the north of the island at a hotel in Garachico.
We went up there on Saturday morning and came back on Sunday when I was singing Sunday night.
Like many times before I just forgot to take photos for the blogg and I have only got a few to show you.

Garachico is a small harbour town in the north of Tenerife.
December 1645; Heavy rains in the high mountains caused a huge landslide and 
about 100 people were killed and about 40 ships were destroyed.

5 May 1706 ; Volcan Negro exploded and the town was covered in lava.

Our hotel was near the ocean and I took this photo from the terrace.

Brito down on the street waiting for me to get down.

Brito and me.

We had been 4 years together in the beginning of September, so we tried to make the trip like an anniversary celebration and a disconnecting of the bad experiences that we are going through after we lost Daniel. 
And we had a good relaxing time even when it´s not possible to disconnect from what has happened. It will take time before we can start thinking like normal again. He is in our thoughts every minute and we always end up sitting talking about him. It is as difficult for Brito as it is for me when they had a very good relation and were the best friends.

The loose of Daniel was so shocking and tragic that we still have difficult to accept it´s true and it´s like we live in this world and try to take care of the things that must be done, but there is somehow a feeling that we are separated from the reality. It´s difficult to explain but it feels like you are somewhere, don´t know where, let´s say in the nowhere, and you haven´t landed yet so that you can enjoy the life and see what is around you or make any plans for the future. It feels like you live in parentheses.

I sing in the nights and I think it helps. The nights are like a "break" for my brain when I then have to concentrate on the songs and the line dancing etc. But, to be honest, I many times find myself lost on the stage because I loose the concentration and then the lyrics, and sometimes I don´t remember if I´m in the beginning of the song or in the end. Oh, please have patience with me. It seams like my brain is still getting black outs after the shock, but I have heard it will become better, but that it will take time.
But I watched the guests tonight and the most of them looked like they did not notice that I sometimes lost it a little bit.

Oh this is getting very long now and it´s in the middle of the night..I better stop! Sweet dreams!

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Sue Norm said...

That is such a beautiful blog Susanne. You have had me in tears. I have just read it to Norman. We hope the pain of loosing Daniel eases for you . Brito and you look amazing together always happy and smiling. We wish you both the very best that life can bring. The futer holds lots for you both. Love Sue And Norm.xxx