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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Smoked Salmon

 My new smoke oven.
He,he, Britos feet showed up in the oven! HE,HE!!!
It´s so shiny that it turned out be a mirror and I didn´t see it while I took the photo.
Looks stupid! He,he!

 Oh, Tonight I will probably smell like a smoked sardine at Lewinskis.
The problem is that I had washed my hair before and now it´s impregnated with the smoke smell and I´m not gonna wash it again.

I bought a smoke oven while we were in Finland and brought it to Tenerife + a few bags of the special coarsely sawdust that you put in it too.
It was Daniels idea that I must buy a smoke oven after one of the fishermen here in Los Cristianos had asked him to bring smoked salmon on his return to the island.
So sad Daniel moved to heaven and could not be here today when we took it in use for the first time.

Anyhow, we made salmon and it turned out to be so delicious! Just perfect!!!
Next project will be smoked sardines. We can smoke 30-40 at one time in two different layers inside the oven and we will do that and then give some sardines to Britos family so that they can try it out. If it´s nice weather we will make them the coming weekend.
Oh, such a good idea to bring this oven to the island. Now we can surprise and bless our Canarian friends who normally don´t have this kind of fish. I hope they will like the taste.

First you must put the sawdust in the bottom of the oven.

Then you put the steel plate over the sawdust and then the grid.
We only used one grid today when we only made two fillets of salmon, but
the oven has got two grids.

The heat is coming from two oil rechauds in under the oven.
Can you see the smoke coming out from it?
It´s a very strong smell. I just wonder what the neighbours were thinking?
But we enjoyed it anyhow. Imagine it worked like it should!!!

Like you can see it got the right beautiful color, but I wish you even
 could feel the smell and of course have a taste too.

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SueNorm said...

Oh how we laughed . Brito's feet in the oven.( Did he taste good smoked )
Only joking Brito. All the blogs are great good to see you sharing your days and nights with us. It cheers me and Norm up. Love Sue & Norm. xx