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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fondue Party

We are off tonight.
It's Thursday and flamenco night at La Karina.
We decided to have a fondue party on the balcony and just enjoy the night.
We are going to play Friday and Saturday.

I will explain the sauces for you when they are the best ones we ever have had.

Starts from the right: The first sauce is made of white wine and garlic.
I dipped the chicken pieces in this sauce first and then into the next sauce that is pure Asian sweet and sour sauce. Delicious!
The third cup contains Palm honey from La Gomera mixed with white pepper.
In this sauce I first dipped the fillet steak pieces and then I dipped them into next cup that has got Teryaki sauce.
Oh, it was so lovely! Next time we have fondue I will do the same.
Thought I must blog about it so that I remember the receipt.

1 comment:

Sue & Norm said...

That looks really nice. You do cook some lovely different food .
Yum Yum
Sue x