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Friday, July 17, 2009

Our schedule

Our schedule has rapidly changed again , like you see.
This is Tenerife!
Instead of Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday we are going to play Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday the coming week.
I'm so sorry, and hope nobody will be fooled because of the wrong schedule that was put up earlier.

Cecil is going for vacation again, the coming week, and because of that we will, some nights, play on his nights instead on our own nights at La Karina 1 (Close to the Elit Sol Tenerife Hotel).
We'll start at La Karina 2 (between hotel Andorra and Hotel Vulcano) on Saturday next week (18.7).

I would be very happy if we could find a restaurant where we could play six nights a week, the year around, and where we could have a real big dance floor.
We every now and then get invitations to play at different restaurants here on Tenerife, but the problem has been that the restaurants are too small in size when it comes to the dance floor and the seats.
Please, keep visiting our website before you leave for Tenerife, to be updated where we are.

I know that it's not good for our image to play in two different places when it sometimes makes our guests confused. Some people even went to the wrong place last Winter and it caused them an extra fee when they had to take a taxi to find us...

It's not good either to be off many nights in the Summertime, when we should build up a Summer audience for the coming Summer seasons.
So far this summer we only have had a couple of bad nights. (only about 50 guests)
It has in our opinion been a quite good Summer when we never before, while we played in Los Cristianos, have had so many guests in the Summertime.

My dream is to one day get a place where we can have room for at least 300-500 people in the same time.
Where we play now it's only room for 200 people and the dance floor is many nights too small in the winter time.

The new restaurant has to have two dance floors; one for the line dancers and one for the couple dancers, or one where we can have all the line dancers in the middle and room for the couple dancers to dance around + has to be in a busy area.

Do we have to go to England to get this, or will it be possible on Tenerife?
We have already got invitations to come and play in England but have felt that we are not prepared to go yet.
But now, since our song repertoire has been updated with the last pop line dances, we are much more prepared.
We'll see! Maybe we one day will come to England and have a tour in the line dance clubs? I think it would be very fun!


tahirih-in-tenerife said...

what about the hotel sol tenerife? or maybe hengelo, Holland. well hope you will be all around next year :-)

Sue & Norm said...

Hey you better be in Tenerife lots of us out there look forward to seeing you and Clas perform your music.Look forward to the larger venue .
Love Sue x