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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not much to say

Sorry I don't blog much now.
It's only because i don't have much to say.
My life is just going on like normal; I am sleeping, eating, shopping and working.

The last two days I have been planning outfits for the coming two months.
It's a tough job when the hangers are heavy and I have to try on every outfit and change the pieces until I become satisfied, but I am happy to get the wardrobe in order.

Clas has built small shelves down at the floor inside our big wardrobe and now we have got a better order for the shoes and the boots, which is nice.

We have nice weather here every day. It's +28 and no clouds.
My tan is again on the way to fade out and I will soon try to spend some time in the sun.
It's really strenuous but we must have some tan to make our guests not believe that we are sleeping all day long or that we are just sitting at the computers during our spare time.

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