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Monday, July 13, 2009

New songs

It was the premiere for some of our new songs last night.
It's a lot of youths here on the island now, specially in the area where we work, and we have changed our repertoire a little bit and mix our country songs with popular pop songs that the young people are listening to right now.
It was very fun to sing tonight when many of the youths new the lyrics and could sing along.

I have been practising a lot of new songs the last weeks and last night I sang songs like Human, Poker face, My life would suck without you, Mi chico latino and The boy does nothing etc.

He, he! We maybe have to throw the hats away as long as we sing these songs when they probably are as far from the country that you can get...But I like them very much.

It has been quite difficult for me to learn to sing in the new way they sing today.
It's more like singing and rapping in the same time.

Some of the new songs we sing now are also popular line dances which means we will also continue to sing them in the winter time if they are requested by the dancers.

I am right now learning how to sing a song called Hush,Hush but it's so difficult and have so many words that I probably have to do rehearsal of it for one more week before I am brave enough to start singing it on the stage.


Sue & Norm said...

Oh dear i must be getting old i have not heard any of those pop songs.!!!

Susanne said...

Hi Sue,
some of them are from the latest UK 2009 pop list and have only been on for a few months, but the youths know them and sometimes even their parents.
The pop line dancers also know these songs when they already have been dancing them for a few months.
You find them in the dance video clips at "watch and learn" on www.linedancersmagazine.co.uk.
They are all very catchy songs but if you normally don't listen to pop you will have to listen to them a couple of times before you start liking them.
For us it feels very fresh to get the opportunity to play something different and it's very fun to sing in a style of rap,even when it's not real rapping.
It's the first year we play close to the Veronicas area in Las Americas and get so many youths in.
When the winter season starts in the end of August we will return to the normal repertoire when country and western music brings more people in during the wintertime.
But of course we will play them if they are requested by the dancers.