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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Crazy People

What is the matter with some of the people here on the island?
Tonight when we went out eating to a restaurant that is quite popular here in Los Cristianos somebody throw a bucket of water, from a balcony above the restaurant, over one of the waiters.
There were four tourists sitting at the table and everything became so wet that they had to move to an other table.

Many times when somebody is doing a good business here they have to start facing people who are flipping out because of jealousy.
It's for sure something sick about it!
Many are fighting to get a share of the tourism, but there is a lack of education and some people don't know much about the customer service etc, and because of that they will continue to be losers in the game, whatever they do.
They are like craftsmen without any tools and the only tool they have is to be evil and cause trouble for the competitors who are doing a good business.

We have met a few odd people the last weeks and I start thinking,
-Why is so many flipping out? -Is it inbreeding during the last centuries that have caused so many people here to get a weak mental health? Or is it only because of the temperament?
-Why are people acting out of fear? Are they standing at the steep hill of becoming bankruptcy?

I am glad Jack from England has taught me some powerful karate tricks.
Without that knowledge I would feel insecure and like to have a security guy every now and then to be sure I can walk safe through the town. It doesn't help to be a friendly person when you are surrounded by evil people.
Some people seams to think we are a treat even when we like to maintain peace.

When you are here as a tourist you don't see much of this, but start working here and make a good business and you will for sure get to know your enemies.
You'll meet Dallas JR:s doing tricks to fool you or to make it more difficult for you, "maffiosos", and people who are screaming to you on the top of the voice.
You'll meet "gold diggers" and "brilliance seekers"and you will soon learn that money talks here.
We know a couple who moved here from abroad, made a success with their business, and got their restaurant closed down time after time without any acceptable reason, probably only because of jealousy.

There are also people running around gossiping about things they don't know much about just to try to create an image that they are near friends to you, having the insider information that nobody else have got. Oh, I'm so tired of all this!
I feel that I get difficult to start trusting people and, to be honest with you, I long for becoming more isolated from all and everything to just get to rest for a while.
Clas said a day it's like being in the real Wild Western and that's how it is.

We are not so used to these kind of cultures when everything is in a quite good order up in Finland, where we come from. But we get more and more skin on our noses, like we say in Swedish.

We prefer to work for Canarians or Spanish talking people with good contacts in the society to avoid unnecessary problems.
We have got many invitations to start playing for restaurant owners from abroad but we always say no. We know it will cause us even more problems and have decided to only work for restaurant owners who are well rooted on the island.

Oh, I'm just longing for peace now. It would be nice to be able to just sit down and relax in the shadow under a palm tree on a desert island.

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