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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Monkey Park

It was our day off yesterday and in the morning we went with Carina, Hugo and Johnny to The Monkey Park. Johnny is the youngest brother of Clas, and they are now visiting us on Tenerife.
Later in the night we had a fondue party on our balcony.

Hugo, Johnny and Carina.



This monkey stole the "monkey-candy-bag" from Hugo.

An iguana.

We went inside the cages to be with the monkeys and I have made a video clip to show you how cute they are.
The Pippi Longstocking monkeys are my favorite
animals next after cats.
I like them so much and I would probably get one if it was allowed.
But, it's maybe not possible to get them house-trained and then it would cause us a lot of problem.

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

1 comment:

Funccis said...

Jätteroligt att se bilderna på min gulliga Chef-familj! Tack! Ni vet ju att jag är inne och "lurar" på Clas. Carina söt med apa, må hon ta hem den ti Mad! Kram från Stina!