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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No control !

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We have never kept our guests under control telling them they are not allowed to visit any other restaurants while they are on Tenerife.
Our policy has always been that everybody is free to go wherever they want.
Many visit us every night while they are on the island, but we have never told anybody that they have to do so. The tourists decide themselves where they are going to spend the nights.

We have many times been surprised when people who have stayed here for two or three weeks have visited us every single night.
If I myself was a tourist I would probably visit many different venues to get some variation, but we have been told that they like Country and Western music and because of that they like to visit us every night.

An other thing is also that many people in a restaurant bring more people in.
Who like to sit a whole night alone in an empty restaurant?
It's more fun to be where people are because there is a lot of things going on.
La Karina also have good food and many come there for dinner.
Not everybody comes there because of us or our music!

We are happy to be so crowded every night but it's not our fault.
I wish everybody a good business and it's not fun when people start blaming us.
Hopefully it soon will be better times for everybody.

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