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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our day was running on rails

I am so surprised about this day. We left the bed about 9 o'clock in the morning to be sure we will get everything done. It's now 2 o'clock in the afternoon and we are already done! We have got both our residence permits and the winter influenza injections.
(not the swine vaccine)

First we went to Brothers to be photographed.
They served us directly and the whole thing took us about 10 minutes. We got a small folder each with 6 small passport photos inside.

Then we went over to Caja Canarias bank to pay 2 x 19,18 Euros.
I had filled all the papers at home before we left and there it took us about 5 minutes!
You have to be there before 11 am to get it payed. If you get there later they ask you to come back next day!

Then we went to Scandibar for a breakfast.
We sat there chatting for about an hour and then we went by taxi to the police station in Las Americas. You have to be there before 2 o clock in the afternoon to get the residence certificate.

A policeman met us inside the building and when I showed him our papers he invited us to sit down at a desk. He looked through all the papers, took a photo from each of us, put them and the papers together with a tack, put a couple of stamps and we got the new residence permits that are valid for the rest of our lives. It took us about 5 minutes!
Before you had to get a new residence certificate from Sta Cruz every fifth year but not anymore. It's very easy now.

Then we went to Dr Ibarra, showed our insurance cards at the information desk and 3 minutes later we got a prescription each which allowed us to buy the normal winter influenza vaccine at the pharmacy.
The doctor were ready to go home but he said he will give us the injections himself before he leave if we directly go and buy them.
We walked over to the pharmacy and it was no queue and when we came back to the doctor he gave us the injections directly and we were done!

This day must be a miracle! So much done in such a short time!
Normally when you have things like this to do you have to run back and forth and they give you a little information at time and the matters we have settled today could normally take 2-3 days before everything is solved out.
I really feel like we have been in some kind of a grace bubble.
Everything went like on rails.

Our vaccine.

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