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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not much Swedish now

I have spent the whole afternoon with my friend Cattis from Sweden.
She lives here on Tenerife.
We always have a lot to chat about when we meet and I like to spend time with her.

First we went down to the San Telmo beach for sunbathing, and later we moved up to The Target Bar and sat there chatting for a couple of more hours.
Her mom also joined us at the bar which was nice.

It's very seldom I meet Scandinavians here in the summertime and it struck me today that it's a long time since I last talked Swedish, my mothers language, for a whole afternoon.
As a matter of fact a few Scandinavians have visited Lewinski lately, but I don't get much time to sit down and talk during the nights when I work.
Right now days pass without any Swedish speech at all...
I mostly talk English and some Spanish.

Now I will have a shower and then go out for dinner.

Have a nice evening,

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