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Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Relationship Questions

1. What do you think is most important when it comes to have a relationship with somebody?
It's for sure the trust. If we can trust each other it will give us both a lot of freedom and respect. Trust is like a foundation for a relationship!

2. Is it okay if your boyfriend has a hobby that keeps him occupied let's say 3 nights a week?
At the moment it would be good if he has a hobby that takes 5-6 nights a week. I work so much right now and it's just nice if he somehow can keep himself busy.
If I wasn't working in the nights it still would be okay for him to be busy doing other things than just sit and look at me.
I also like to have my own time when I can be on the internet, play Farmville, go out with friends etc.

3. What if your boyfriend hasn't got a work or income?
It could become very frustrating in the end, if he don't know how to keep himself busy.
I'm quite busy and I would not like to receive his bad habits if he is just wasting away his life not doing anything at all. A man without any visions is a looser!
If he has dreams or goals about things he would like to do I would support him all I can to give him a better life.

4. Do you expect the boyfriend to pay the bill when you go out for dinner?
He,he! You who know me know that I many times is the one who pay everything. Even for my friends...
I had a small argue with the guy I'm dating the other night. He's a Canarian and there is some kind of pride among these men and they never let a lady pay the bill. He thinks it´s a disaster if I pay, and said that his Mum even would become angry at it when she has taught him to be a gentleman and pay. *giggle* The Mums have a big saying among the Canarians!
When I first met him some weeks ago I accepted that he was paying, but now I start feeling guilty, like I'm living on his money, and the other night I took the bill and payed it even when I knew it would cause some kind of culture collision...but we are still friends! *smile*

5. How do you look at pornography?
A little bit of it could be good. I mean in an educational point of view.
But a man who watch a lot of porn can become possessed by it and in the end only start thinking about sex. He can also get ideals that are not working well in the real life when the porn stars many times use medicals (like anaesthetics and viagra) to be able to do some of the stuff.

6. Is it okay for your boyfriend to go out with his boyfriends every now and then?
Yes, it is! I also like to go out with my friends and if there is trust this would never be any problem.

7. What if your boyfriend have girl mates and like to go out with them?
If I know that I can trust him it's okay. If he, let's say, don't stand up for our relation among these girls I will loose the trust in him. I would not like if we both have a night off and he choose to spend the night with these girls instead of being with me or asking me to join them.
Then something for sure is wrong! If you are in love you like to spend time together.
Specially if you haven't got many opportunities to do it!

8. Let's say your boyfriend moves into your house; Would you expect him to take part in house cleaning, making food, dish washing?
Yes, I would like that. I have been in a marriage where I was responsible for all this, but since I became single I've learned to enjoy the freedom to not be the servant all the time...but I still like to potter about in the house if I've just got time to do it...Right now I eat out all the time.

9.What in a relationship makes you turn off?
I don't like broken promises, excuses that are plain lies, a bad hygiene, too much drinking, see him flirting with other girls..etc.
Everything that causes me to loose the trust in him makes me turn off!
If something happens that makes me totally loose the trust in a guy it's hard to get it back again. I will probably skip him for ever! I don't like to waste my time on a relationship that has no foundation to build on. It would anyhow never work!

10. Would you accept your boyfriend to spend the Christmas, New year and Easter with friends being away from you?
It depends on what I'm up to myself of course...But without a reason; NO!
Today I prefer to have an open relationship but the big holidays must be booked for us if we both are free from work.
If your boyfriend leave you alone during holidays simply to be alone with his friends something is seriously wrong! He's not the right guy for me!

Oh, this was for sure the most personal questions I have answered!
I hope I don't scream away every potential boyfriend by telling this...*laugh*


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