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Monday, February 21, 2011


Sorry I made some of you confused in my last post.
I said I will remove all the clothes that are not mine from one of
the wardrobes... and it sounded like I'm borrowing clothes from other people.

I have NOT been wearing clothes that are not mine for about 30 years!
I did borrow clothes from my older sisters when I was young but since I became
older I only use my own clothes.

The clothes I'm going to remove are some clothes that belong to my X-boyfriend who
don't live on Tenerife anymore. I will put them in a box instead in case he comes back
and like to have them. That's why I said I'm going to remove the clothes that are not mine.
I just need more space for the new outfits that I have bought!

Today I have been cleaning the apartment the whole afternoon.


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