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Friday, February 11, 2011

My day off

It's Friday and my day off.
In the afternoon I went with Brito for a lunch to
the favorite Guachinche.
Which one it is is a secret.

After the meal we strolled around for a while in the
village and when we passed a playground I got the idea
I just have to try it out.
Oh so fun it was! I haven't been in a swing for 20 years or more.
He,he! Brito were so afraid his friend Pedro who lives in the house next
to the park would see us, but his fear couldn't stop me.
I was swinging til I started feeling unsteady.

Then I got the idea I must try out the slide too.
The only problem was that I'm too fat for this kind of experiences and
I was in the beginning more or less jammed at the top platform.

There was also a horse thing to ride, but it didn't work out well.
It didn't help how I tried... I didn't get on it! I had finally to give up!
But no problem! I just got a thought like;
Why ride a horse when you can ride a cowboy?
No, Sorry!!! This is a real bad joke!!!!


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