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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Oh, I'm s-o-o-o.... tired of jealous people at the moment. They just make me tired!
There are people on this island who can sit all day, drinking beer and making fun of Brito and me and our business. I can't understand it!
We have both been working hard the whole autumn and there's no excuse to be jealous.
Nothing comes to you for free! It's sweat and hard work every day!

I believe many people get opportunities during the lifetime and they could make a great success and become very successful themselves, but when many see the work that it demands to get there they regret.
They are in fact too lazy to make it and they don't like to solve all the problems that probably will take place during the path. When they get the opportunity they sit and dream about it, without doing anything, til it has passed and the door is closed.
Because nothing happened the opportunity was passed to somebody else.

Some might think the right way of living on this island is sitting in the sun with a beer wasting the time away talking sh*t, but I don't like to use my time in this earth that way, neither Brito.
We both like business and enjoy working hard and nobody can steel that from us.
At the moment we, every day, face a lot of problems that need to be solved.
We take them one by one til they are solved and there's no word in this world to explain the feeling we have in the night when the day is over and everything is under control. It's just a lovely feeling and we thank God for every new day we can live this exciting life.
Last night we just stated;
"Tougher days bring greater victories in the end. Quiet days don't take us anywhere".

To everybody who is working hard; Good Luck!



Josephine ans Les said...

You are so right in what you say Susanne, let them have it girl!
We admire you both, for your commitment and hard work, you also make a lot of people very happy in the work you do. You should ignore the remarks, as you said they are jealous, and also very unhappy people, and if these sad people have nothing worthwhile to say they should keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to even bother about, as long as you both are happy together and what you do together. As Josephine says, you make alot of people happy.!!! think of that instead.../Barbro