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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Brito In The 'Cave Village' Cave

Some caves are beautiful inside. The walls and the ceiling are
having a whole spectrum of colors.
This is not a big cave but it looks beautiful inside.

Brito likes adventure and he really would like to jump down and have a swim in the lagoon that is inside the cave. If it not were a lot of crabs there I would like to have a swim there too, but I think it could be very dangerous. Specially this day when the ocean was rough and the water was moving very strongly even inside the cave.

Imagine if the stream is so strong that it will suck you into the tubes that connect the cave with the ocean!
Oh, I don't recommend anybody to swim here even when it's very cozy and tempting.
The crabs are kind ones. They will not attack you even when they look like monsters, but be aware of the water whirls when they can be very strong!

Brito also agreed and said it could be very dangerous to just jump down into a cave lagoon like this. You don't know how deep it is nor how far it goes inside the island if the whirls bring you further inside. There are many times more tubes going further inside the island that can be connected to other caves or cathedrals.


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