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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lazy Blogging?

I have got some complains the last weeks when I don't blogg much and some of you are visiting my blogg almost every day. I will soon, when the Scandinavians start leaving the island, receive some more sparetime and then I probably get more time with my blog...We'll see!

It already starts becoming much more silent and I am trying to stress down a little bit at the moment by playing Hidden Chronicles + Farmville on Facebook.
It is very cold here and I prefer to stay inside if i don't have to go out.
Brito has also been ill with fever and a running nose the last three days and because of that we also have just stayed in the house.

Why I haven't been blogging much is because I've been busy the last months with the apartments.
We have been working like crazy and what would I blogg about then?
I don't think the people who rent my apartments would like to become 'stars' in my blogg.

He,he! There are at least a couple of stories that would be a sensasion, if I could tell you the truth about how people have tried to fool us...But I'm never angry at anybody and I like to protect my clients whatever they do to me.

For me the money is not the reason why I live and I many times better loose or give money away to people to just perserve the paz. I'm sure I later somehow will get it all back and even with interests. That's how it works in the kingdom of God.
God like us to be in agreement with everybody and if you follow his will he will for sure not make you a looser in the end. That's how it works so why would I even worry or become upset?
'Give and it will be given to you'

The most of the clients have anyhow been lovely and the ones who have been less nice I love as much as the other ones...like I already said...I haven't got any enemies in this world.


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