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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We took the road up to Teide and then down on the other side.

Last Saturday we went over to La Orotava to have a meal in Guachinche Cachimba.
Cachimba means pipe in English.

Brito was driving.

It was not much snow at Teide.

We stopped to have a Cafe and a Torrija.

This photo of Teide inside the restaurant pleased me.
Oh so lovely if it would have been so much snow in real.

This beautiful tree is standing outside the restaurant.

We stopped and had a short walk in the forest to get some fresh air in our lungs.

Me in the forest.

On the way down to Cachimba.
The roads are very steep.

The restaurant was packed and we had to queue for about 20 minutes.

Some of the food we had.


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Sue Norm said...

Good show look forward to more blogs. <3