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Sunday, February 05, 2012

In The Cave Village

The seafront is very dark and dramatic on the east coast.

Yesterday we visited a couple of cave villages here on Tenerife.
Oh, what a nice day we had!
I didn't even know that we have got villages her on the island where people live in caves.
I think these villages are the most far from the tourism you can get on this island?

I took a lot of photos but, like you see, they have got many different frames when I'm now trying to learn how to use a photo/frame program, that I found in my computer.

If you like, you can click on the photos to get them bigger and you can better see the details.

The cave village.

Me holding the hair in place. It was very windy.


The sign says; No Basura. (No Trash)...and look at the ground!

The cats of the village were having a siesta. (Siesta= Nap).

The beach front path.

The two first cave doors when you start walking the beachfront.

These houses are not very well.

Have a look at this one!
The pillar has got two tiny poles as a support.

One of the families have made a pool in front of their cave.

One more cave entrance.
If you like to take photos of old houses I recommend you to go here!
You will find nice old looking photo objects everywhere.

Brito at one of the 'street lamps'.

Me having a rest.
This cave house has got some renovation...

Up on the top of the cave homes somebody is building a new house.
Oh, I would be very scared if I had to live in a cave.
Is it called claustrophobia?

On this photo you can see the earth is round.
When you get a whole big ocean in front of you, you can see it's round with your own eyes!
Can't you? And the waves are rolling in the uphill slope!

A sun grilled crab.

There's a cave in the end of the beach walk.
Brito went inside and took a video clip.
I'll show you in next post.

Me and Tarajales.

Brito .
The tree is called 'Tarajales'. It's very big!

On the way to next cave village we saw this little cut boat.

And this house that must be the smallest 'home' I've seen.

Somebody in the area had made a real big pool. Looks nice!

This is also something like a cave village.
The only difference is that the houses are built in under the
ceiling of this big open cave.

We ended the trip having lunch at one of the best fish restaurants in Candelaria.
A very nice and different day. It's never boring to be along with Brito.


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Sue Norm said...

What a lovely day you both had. Fantastic photo's. Thank you both for such an interesting blog. <3